Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabric Scrap Flower Garden (

Fabric Scrap Flower Garden

What you'll need:

  • Fabric scraps in bright colors
  • Scissors
  • 7 craft sticks
  • White craft glue
  • 2 green skinny chenille stems
  • White craft paint
  • 1 sheet pink felt

How to make it:

Cut some simple shapes from the fabric for your flowers. They should be about 1 – 1.5 inches diameter. Cut small circles and square and glue those to the center of some of your flower shapes. (See photo.)
Line up 5 craft sticks side by side. There should be enough space between each that one craft stick will stretch across all 5 horizontally. Glue one stick at the top and one at the bottom, about an inch from the top and bottom. Let the glue dry then paint fence white. (See photo.)
Cut chenille into 6 different lengths. Glue the chenille stems to the fence. (See photo.)
Glue the flowers to the tops of each chenille stem. (See photo.)
Glue the fence to a piece of pink felt. Trim around the edge to create an even border.


  1. This looks great hanging on your child's door or wall! Simply take a long fabric scrap and create a simple hanger by gluing it to the back.
  2. Save fabric scraps in a zipper gallon storage bag or plastic container with a lid for future projects such as this.
  3. To create a sturdy frame, glue the pink felt backing to a piece of poster board or card stock.

Mother's Day Coupon Book (

Mother's Day Coupon Book

What you'll need:

  • ½ sheet cardstock
  • 2 paper fasteners or stapler
  • Hole punch or sharpened pencil
  • Paper cutter
  • Stickers, foam stickers, markers, or anything else you would like to decorate with
  • Patterns (optional)

How to make it:

  1. Print out our coupon patterns, as many as you like.
  2. Fill in the blanks on any of the coupons that are not filled out.
  3. Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut out the coupons. (See photo.)
  4. Use a pencil to sketch around a coupon onto the cardstock, about 1/2" larger than the coupon. (See photo.)
  5. Cut the cardstock using the sketched line as a guide, cut two pieces for the cover and the back.
  6. Use a hole punch or a sharpened pencil to poke holes in the coupons and the cardstock and assemble with the paper fasteners. Or you can simply staple the booklet together. (See photo 123.)
  7. Decorate the front cover with markers, stickers, foam stickers, or whatever else you like. (See photo.)


  • This craft is a favorite that Mom might want to save. Make two sets so she can keep one and use the other!
  • Instead of cardstock, you can use construction paper.
  • If using glitter glue to decorate the cover, be sure to allow for ample drying time.
  • Foam stickers are available at your local craft supply store.

Pop-up Flower Garden Card (

Enchanted Learning Software's
Pop-up Flower Garden Card
More Kinder CraftsMake a beautiful flower pop-up card using construction paper. This is a great Mother's Day, Spring, Get Well Soon, or Birthday Card.

Supplies needed:
  • Various colors of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or crayons

Fold two rectangular pieces of construction paper in half. One piece will be the outside of the card and one piece will be the inside.
On the piece that will be the inside, cut two short lines near the middle of the fold.
Fold the two outside flaps that you just made (but do not fold the middle flap). Unfold the flaps.
Open the card.Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card - they will form 2 step-like protuberances.
Refold the card. Cut two short lines through the folded flaps on the sides.Fold the outside flaps that you just made. Unfold the flaps.
Open the card. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card - they will form 4 step-like protuberances.
Cut some small flowers, stems and leaves from construction paper. Decorate them with crayons or markers if you like.
Glue the flowers to the flaps. Make sure that the flowers do not stick out of the card when the card is closed.
Glue the card to the other piece of folded construction paper. To make sure that you do not glue the flaps down, apply the glue only to the inside of the card and then carefully place it on the outer card.Write a message on your lovely flower garden pop-up card.

Dreamy Sleep Mask (

Pamper Mom this Mother's Day with a homemade dreamy sleep mask. Print the sleep-mask clip art onto card stock. Write a message on the back, and decorate if desired (we usedglitter on the eyelids and pipe cleaners around the border). Punch a hole in each side, and thread with ribbon ties. 

Mother's Day Newspaper (

Bring Mom some very good news with this custom newspaper made by printing and filling in our clip art.
Print the Mother's Day Newspaper Clip Art

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Stamped Book Bindings (

With just a few stamps, kids can add a personal touch to a gift of good reads for Mom. While you hold the pages together, have kids use rubber stamps to decorate the edges with a special design or message.

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Kid-Embellished Journals (

A journal of any size will work. Measure the book's original endpaper, then cut your little crafter's picture so that it's slightly wider to accommodate the fold. Next, use a paintbrush to apply white glue evenly over the endpaper. Lay artwork over the glued area and press, starting at the center and working out. Wipe off any excess glue; trim the edges with a utility knife if needed. Close the journal and stack heavy books on top. Let dry overnight.

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