Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cool Decor Ideas (

Wall cubes covered in decorative paper

Pretty Wall Cubes

Decorate your wall with customized cubes. Select three same-size square sturdy cardboard boxes or use wood cubes. Trace a box side onto decorative paper; repeat the tracing five times for each box for a total of 15; cut out. Using a paintbrush, spread a thin layer ofadhesive on five sides of each box. Adhere the paper to the box sides, using your hand and a brayer to smooth each side. Finish with a coat of polyurethaneif desired.

Alphabet letters on canvas

Alphabet Art

Raid your scraps stash to create an inexpensive custom work of art. Paint a canvas and paintchipboard letters. Cover the canvas with patterned-paper blocks, the painted chipboard letters,embellishments, photos, artwork, and paper-pieced accents that correspond with the letters.

window seal 2

Revamp a Window Frame

Use an old window frame (found in antiques stores) as a frame to show off love ones. Gather pieces ofchipboard the size of each pane to use as "pages." Cover the chipboard with patterned paper, then add pictures and embellishments. Attach your completed chipboard "pages" to the back of the window panes with a staple gun. For a finishing touch, add rub-on words or phrases to the glass panes.

Family Photo House Decoration

Decorative House

Construct and decorate a tiny house with family photos. Assemble the house using foam-core board and hot

glue. Mount mini photos on chipboardrectangles and hang them from ribbon.

blocks on foam core

DIY Artwork

With a little paint and some foam-core board, nine fun cards form a spiffy piece of artwork. Choose a boldly patterned card then use spray adhesive to mount onto same-size pieces of foam-core board. Attach the squares to the painted square with double-sided carpet tape, and voila! For an extra touch paint a large square in a contrasting color to make your art work pop off your walls.

Jewelry on display

Bedazzled Wall Art

Problem: Tangled jewelry

Solution: You use your jewelry to dress up your outfit. Now use it to dress up your walls. Turn the tangle of jewelry in your jewelry box into artwork. Use frames or shadow boxes to group pieces together. Not only will your walls sparkle, but you'll be more likely to wear pieces because you see them on a regular basis.

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