Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Cardboard Petal Picture Frame
  1. Cardboard Petal Picture Frame - Step 1 Paint the tubes and let them dry. Flatten them, then cut them into sections. Ours are two widths: 3/8 inches and 3/4 inches.

  2. Remove the glass and any backing from the frame. Paint the frame, if desired, and let it dry.

  3. Cardboard Petal Picture Frame Step 3 Squeeze glue onto a paper plate. Arrange the petals on the frame in a design you like. Remove them one at a time and lightly dip one edge into the glue, then press it onto the frame. Let the glue dry.

Instant Dressing Room
  • 36- by 48-inch cardboard display board
  • Mirror
  • Foam mounting squares
  • Colored tape and stickers
  • 2 battery-operated touch lights
  • Sticker-adorned self-adhesive hooks
  • Berry baskets
  1. Instant Dressing Room - Step 1 Start with a 36- by 48-inch cardboard display board (available at office or craft supply stores for about $5) and a mirror. After affixing the mirror to the center panel of the board with foam mounting squares, use colored tape and stickers to create a trompe l'oeil vanity.

  2. Add a pair of battery-operated touch lights and a handful of sticker-adorned self-adhesive hooks for clothes and accessories. Berry baskets, attached with paper fasteners, hold brushes, ribbons, and other things of beauty.

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