Friday, February 4, 2011

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Easy Craft Ideas: Envelope Accordion Book

Envelope OrganizerMATERIALS NEEDED:
Chartreuse A2 Envelopes
Glue Stick
Bone folder
Gel Pens
This easy to make accordion book is a personalized way to organize all of your small odds and ends. Each envelope page can hold something different such as- "to do" lists, stamps, tickets, coupons, and business cards. Also a fun craft idea for a gift - fill with photos, tickets, and other keepsakes and share with a special friend. step one:
Choose your envelopes. You will need an odd number, anywhere from five to nine. We have used A2 envelopes here but, almost any size side-opening envelope will work. Burnish with bone folderstep two:
Using a glue stick, adhere the envelopes together by placing adhesive on the inside of the flap of one envelope and using a bone folder, burnish it to the front of the next envelope.step three:
Fold the pages accordion style, making the pointed flap of the first envelope the cover of your book.Fold envelope pagesMake ribbon closurestep four:
Add a ribbon closure. Cut a small opening the width of the ribbon on both sides of the last envelope and run the ribbon through.step five:
Using labels and colored gel pens indicate the contents of each envelope "page". Fill with all your odds and ends, fold up, and tie the ribbon closure to keep everything safely tucked inside.Homemade envelope organizer

See our How-to Video to learn about a similar accordion project.

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