Saturday, February 26, 2011

Toddler Crafts (

Finger Puppets for the Bath

Waterproof Puppet Theater

Turn a pair of rubber gloves into a handful of bath-friendly finger puppets for your toddler.
.Homemade Hobby Horse
Keep your little neigh-sayer horsing around for days with this soulful steed, easily assembled in about an hour from a dowel and a fuzzy slipper sock.
A Trail ToteMark Mantegna
To help kids get the most out of communing with nature, Lizette Castano at the Children's Nature Institute suggests packing a canvas bag with a few of simple item, such as this colorful egg carton or collecting souvenirs.
Super Scoops

Super Scoops

These decoupaged milk jugs are great for transporting toys, dumping them on the ground, and scooping them up again when playtime is done -- and a waterproof version is perfect for skimming toys from the bathtub.
Personalized Peekaboo Board

Ronnie Andren

Personalized Peekaboo Board

Your toddler will have great peekaboo fun with this custom-made lift-the-flap craft, and will find a special surprise waiting behind each door: Grandma! Teddy! The family dog!

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