Monday, April 4, 2011

Shell Wind Chimes (

Shell Wind Chimes

Kids can carry pieces of the beach with them into the winter with this seashell wind chime.

Starting with two sticks 6 and 3 inches long and cotton string of varying lengths, tie one end of a string piece around a shell or piece of sea glass and the other end to one of the sticks. Use same-size pieces of string to connect the two sticks, and tie a 24-inch string to the top stick for hanging.

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  1. That one in the picture is not exactly the best one i have seen but the principle of making your own wind chimes especially from sea shells is lovely, inexpensive and crafty christmas present, pick me up present and even a sorry you're ill present. I have just bought some woodstock wind chimes as fillers for christmas gifts but wish I had made my own.

  2. The wind chime is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this post with us!!
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